Danish Products:
Danish Pastries and Coffee Cakes:
Linne’s made-from-scratch Danish pastry dough is carefully made using a professional technique called laminating. Laminating is a multi-step process of folding and rolling the dough until it is processed into sixteen layers. Both high-grade margarine and cake shortening are used. The result is tender, moist pastries with full flavor and fabulous texture. Your mouth will water for more of these fine pastries.

Signature Item: French Cream Coffee Cake

* Alligators
* Eidelweiss
* Cream Cheese
* Pineapple
* Blackberry
* Cherry
* Apple
* Struessel
* Lemon
* Apricot
Danish are available in both individual roll sizes as well as the full size coffee cakes (to ensure getting a particular flavor in the coffee cake size, it is best to call ahead and order).

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